Ask Science Mike


Episode 196 - Aphantasia, Carbon Offsets and E-Readers

September 30, 2019

Here's the questions from this week's show, along with additional resources.


  1. What part of the brain controls the minds eye and what other functions are triggered by this same part of the brain?

When the Mind’s Eye Is Blind

  1. Are "Carbon Offset" programs and companies legit? Is there a way to travel without increasing my carbon footprint? 

Should You Buy Carbon Offsets? 

Carbon Offsets Really Do Help Lower Emissions

  1. Is there any data to support the fact that reading a tangible, real ink and paper type book is better than reading from a screen?

E-books versus Print:  Which do we Retain Better?

  1. Is there science to say whether or not a transition like this could be caused but the drastic life change that came from the brain injury and therefore changed my views or is this something that occurred because of the literal neurons in my brain that were influenced by the brain trauma?


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