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Episode 240 - The Last One

In this final episode of Ask Science Mike (don't panic), Mike answers four questions from listeners. Thanks for five great years--and watch out for Mike's new show, right on this podcast feed, next week.

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Here's are the questions from this week's program, along with some additional resources.

Are there any differences between the brains of men and women? And is there hope for inclusion in traditionally male-dominated fields?

Neurosexism: the myth that men and women have different brains

The Gendered Brain: The New Neuroscience That Shatters The Myth Of The Female Brain

Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM): Quick Take

8 Statistics and Facts about Women in STEM

What are Quantum Wave Functions and how do they create reality?

The Fabric of the Cosmos

Why do people talk to babies and dogs in funny voices?

Why Do We Use the Same Voice to Talk to Babies and Dogs?

Uncovering the sound of 'motherese,' baby talk across languages

Why is Jordan Peterson so controversial?

Why Jordan Peterson Is Always Wrong

Jordan Peterson, explained


Episode 238 - Your COVID-19 Questions

This episode is about your COVID-19 questions.

1. How will we know if COVID vaccines are safe?

COVID-19 vaccines are on the fast-track to approval. How will we know they're safe?

2. How can we safely reopen schools?

Preparing K-12 School Administrators for a Safe Return to School in Fall 2020

What Other Nations Can Tell The U.S. About How to Safely Reopen Schools During the COVID-19 Pandemic

For people who live alone, how can we safely form self contained social groups?

How to Form Social Bubbles and Quarantine Pods

For people who have to work, how can we do so the most safely?

What technologies could make indoor spaces safer?

Airborne COVID-19 transmission: What you need to know

Why Aren't We Talking More About Ventilation?

When are people actually contaigious?

How Long After Having Coronavirus Are You Contagious? Here's What Doctors Say |

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Episode 237 - 5G, Solar Lockdown, and Why Dogs Fear Lightning

This week features the following questions:

How does 5G work? I hear a lot of conspiracies around it, but what science is there behind the health risks (or lack thereof)?

We Have No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe

Don't Fall Prey to Scaremongering about 5G

Why are dogs afraid of thunderstorms?
Why Your Dog Freaks Out During Thunderstorms—And What to Do

I've been hearing that we are in a solar lockdown? What is that?

Yes, a Solar Minimum Is Coming. No, It's Not Going to Mess Up The World

How do I cope with grief over losing my mother now that I'm not sure I believe in an afterlife?


Episode 236 - Making It to the Other Side

In this episode, Mike discusses the most current scientific understanding of COVID-19, how we got here, and what could come next.

Make sure you read the sources referenced in this episode--they're crucial.


How the Pandemic Defeated America

New Evidence Suggests Young Children Spread Covid-19 More Efficiently Than Adults

SARS-CoV-2 Transmission and Infection Among Attendees of an...

We Thought It Was Just a Respiratory Virus

The Coronavirus Is Never Going Away


Episode 235 - Casper ter Kuile on The Power of Ritual

This week, Mike talks with Casper ter Kuile (of Harry Potter and the Sacred Text) about his new book, The Power of Ritual and how we can all start to establish a sense of sacred and worth during a pandemic where our routines are disrupted.


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Episode 234 - Weighted Blankets, Asexuality, and Science

This week Mike responds to the following questions:


What is the science behind weighted blankets?

Weighted Blankets: How They Work


Is it ok for me to identify as asexual?


What are the limitations of science?

Science has limits: A few things that science does not do


How do we know vaccines are safe and effective?


Gish Gallop

The contribution of vaccination to global health: past, present and future



Episode 233 - How do we do this?

Mike talks about strategies for protecting and preserving mental health during the pandemic and associate periods of quarantine. 


Episode 231 - I Feel Sad

This week, Mike reflects on the response to a tweet he sent on Father's Day about feeling depressed.

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