Here's the questions on this week's show, along with additional resources.

  1. Are humans fit for space?

  2. Does talking to plants or water crystals change their energy?
  3. How can I cope with night time anxiety.
    1. What Causes Anxiety At Night And How To Deal With It
  4. Could the authors of Genesis have been talking about the transition from hunter-gatherer to agrarian societies?

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Here's some additional resources for the questions asked this week:

Do other animals experience shame?
Animal Emotions: Exploring Passionate Natures

How can autistic people overcome developmental delays?

Can you debunk the top 5 arguments creationists make against evolution?

15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense

5 Common Objections to Evolutionary Creationism

How can the second law of thermodynamics and evolution via natural selection both be true?

This is a live episode recorded at the Wild Goose Festival 2019.

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This week Science Mike Talks with Tori Williams Douglass about faith, science, and anti-racism. You can support Tori's new project, White Homework, on right here on Patreon.

In a special episode, Science Mike sits down with William Matthews to talk about art and advocacy.

This episode was brought to you by Kiwi Co. If you want to help your kids learn about science, technology, engineering, art, and math in a hands-on and FUN way, grab a free crate at

June 17, 2019

Episode 184 - Heartbreak

This week, Science Mike talks about his medical rest and recent struggle with heart disease.

Science Mike and Michael Gungor are going on a The Liturgists tour called Tabs & Wafers. Tickets are on sale now.

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Here’s the questions covered on this week’s episode, along with additional resources:

Does time exist?

From Eternity to Here: The Quest for the Ultimate Theory of Time

The Fabric of the Cosmos

What can we do to reduce personal plastic pollution?

You Can Help Turn the Tide on Plastic. Here’s How.

How might humans evolve in the future?

Is Universal Basic Income a possible means to address unemployment from automation?

Money for nothing: the truth about universal basic income

Science Mike is going on tour with Michael Gungor for an event called Tabs and Wafers. Grab your ticket today.

This week Science Mike talks about memories of his friendship with Rachel Held Evans. Rachel passed away on May 4, 2019, and left a changed world in her wake.

How Rachel Held Evans really should be remembered by Sarah Bessey and Jeff Chu

Our Rachel by Austin Channing Brown

This week we covered these questions on Ask Science Mike:

Is there a way to escape the current monopolized control of "algorithms" when it comes to how we find and perceive information?

Fake News & Media Literacy

How can I be more gracious to my wife during my faith transition?

Finding God in the Waves

Does the "no platforming" movement against the alt-right set ourselves up for failure if the tables ever get turned?

What are the most effective ways to implement a carbon tax?

Canada passed a carbon tax that will give most Canadians more money

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